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Ideation is the process of coming up with an idea using creativity and questions like "What if?" to imagine ways something can be done differently. Innopas focuses on top strategic ways to develop creative Ideation and brainstorming process for the client. Ideation process need two qualities; Curiosity and Creativity and also involves knowing your outcome/deliverable.

Innopas defines ideation process into three phases;

1) Inspiration
2) Ideation
3) Implementation

Innopas will collaborate with the client to,

1) Understand and describe problem statement
2) Address the problem within its context
3) Understands possible roadblocks, competition
4) Identify themes for ideation
5) Idea Generation
6) Idea Validation
7) Provides a solution that clearly describes its main features and benefits
8) Presents a valid value proposition with the key activities clearly outlined
9) Implementable ideas
10) Track the implementation of ideas

  • Innopas Strength:

    • Creativity Techniques

    • Imaginary Brainstroming

    • Creative Thinking Process

    • Logical and illogical thinking techniques

    • Convergent thinking
  • Who needs to be there?

    • Create small teams of six people
    • Team goes through its stakeholders, identifying commonalities
    • Diverse group with provocative outsiders to challenge the conventional thinking
  • Innopas Client:

    • Banking and Financial Instituion

    • Insurance

    • Life Science

    • Retail

    • Manufacturing

Ideation Model