Innovation in Process Excellence

Innopas Process Excellence (INNOPEX) brings expertise to help you assess your current state, envision your target state and plan and execute your transformation strategy. We can define processes which will eliminate waste and reduce rework, and help in benchmarking your Organization with Industry standards and best practices & process models like CMMI, ISO etc.


Organizations are continuously looking at ways to improve their business outcomes by adopting various approaches to improve their Customer Experience and Quality by adopting Industry standards and Models like Total Quality Management, Business Process Reengineering, Lean Six Sigma.

All these methodologies have a focus on process. At its most basic level Process Excellence is not about any methodology but about improving the way businesses create and deliver value to customers.

Benefits to the organization

Who should be in my PROCESS EXCELLENCE?

The Process Excellence will be spearheaded by an Innopas Process champion who defines the road map and strategy. The Process champion will be supported by Process Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Core Business Process Engineering Group (BPEG) who will define plans based on the Road map defined. The approved Plans are executed by a group of Quality analysts, Content developer and Process engineers.

Let's talk

INNOPEX can support your Organization by performing an assessment of current state and setting up a Process Framework based on your business needs. If you are looking to have a streamlined and efficient Process framework that will help you deliver Quality Products first time every time then INNOPEX will be a gamechanger to your Organization.