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Innopas recognizes the dynamic needs of the IT Re-Imagined industry and enable customers to run an effective and efficient organization through innovative IT re-imagined solutions. In recent years companies across the globe have been moving more and more towards the innovative solutions for their IT and Business services, so that they can internally focus on their core business values. This shift enables them to achieve the following:

1) Top Innovative player
2) Faster time to market
3) Value to the business through technology innovation
4) Scale across globe

Innopas leverages the following strategies:

a) Strategic alliances with industry leaders
b) Innopas resources in emerging and specialized technologies
c) Center of Excellences - key technology focus
d) Collaborate in Research and development

Innopas has invested in developing Center of Excellence (CoE) for several of the technologies. Innopas has also developed various proprietary models, assets, methodologies and frameworks.

Innopas believes that the following key differentiators provide a strong value proposition to the companies and ensure overall success:

a) Innopas has the required resources, skills, infrastructure, experience, and most importantly, the processes and methodologies in place that will be implemented to meet and exceed client's business goals and shareholder expectations
b) Innopas is the best choice for organizations to deliver initiatives involving innovative cutting edge technologies
c) Innopas has consciously made strategic investments and efforts to create innovative ideas/business use case in their Research and Innovation Centre (RIC)
d) Innopas depth of Service offering combined with strong people presence and infrastructure capabilities enable it to be one of the best innovative providers

  • Innopas Strength:

    • Innovative Models

    • Strong Delivery Excellence

    • Depth of Service offerings

    • Strong Domain Expertise

    • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Innopas Framework and Accelerators:

    • REFTi Framework

    • SiBS Framework

    • ELPi Framework

    • i4D Model

    • HOST Model
  • Innopas Client:

    • Banking and Financial Instituion

    • Insurance

    • Life Science

    • Retail

    • Manufacturing

Re-Imagined Framework