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Innopas has established a PRODUCTIZATION platform that would help in connecting micro services, event driven architecture, shared services in a seamless, transparent and participatory manner. This platform would create right processes and make internal communication effective and easy. Also, this platform would empower the client's organization to filter and evaluate components efficiently. It has resolved several organizational challenges through connected platform and improved customer experience by codifying services.

This platform is rightfully modified with security and compartmentalization services in mind to bridge any component gaps within an Extended Enterprise.

Product Design aspect includes…

1) Disruptive Innovation
2) Event Driven Architecture
3) Cognitive Adoption
4) Micro Services
5) UX Design
6) Collaboration
7) Governance

  • Innopas Strength:

    • Disruptive Innovation

    • Extended Enterprise

    • Collaboration Platforms

    • Gamification

    • Micro Services
  • Innopas Framework and Accelerators:

    • REFTi Framework

    • SiBS Framework

    • ELPi Framework

    • i4D Model

    • HOST Model
  • Innopas Client:

    • Banking and Financial Instituion

    • Insurance

    • Life Science

    • Retail

    • Manufacturing

Productization Framework